Commercial Mosquito Treatment for Northeast Massachusetts Businesses


Fight back with Tidewater Mosquito Control’s commercial mosquito control treatments. Don’t let those pesky mosquitoes harass your customers or employees any longer. With our monthly treatment plan your business environment will be protected all season long. Our unique organic formula is not only effective but it is also safe around your customers, including children and pets and it is not harmful to the environment. As an added bonus, our treatments also help control ticks & fleas too!

No matter what your business type is, whether it is an office complex, golf course, restaurant with outdoor dining or a hotel/resort, Tidewater Mosquito Control can help to create a more welcoming and comfortable environment for your guest.

Perfect for

  • Property Managers
  • Resort/Tourism
  • Public Parks
  • Venues & Municipalities


Although Tidewater Mosquito Control delivers maximum effectiveness, it’s safe around your customers, including children and pets. Our commercial mosquito control in Northeast Massachusetts (Lowell, Burlington, Lawrence) and Salem – Haverhill, NH is specially designed so that it won’t harm our local environment. So you’ll have peace in your place of business and peace of mind, too.

Keep your customers coming back! Contact us today to get started! Let us take the bite out of your mosquito problems with our hassle free and effective commercial mosquito control treatments from your local experts right here in Northeast Mass.

We know the local breeds and how they operate. We’ll get them off your property!

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Special Event Treatments

Do you have an outdoor event planned? Don’t let mosquitoes ruin your special day! From outdoor weddings and community events to backyard birthdays and family gatherings, mosquitoes don’t have to be on the guest list. With just 48-hours’ notice, Tidewater Mosquito Control can eliminate pests from your outdoor event space.