About Us

TMC opened in 2017 by lifelong friends Jay Doley and Walt Stryker who are both natives of Williamsburg Virginia. Growing up together in the Queens Lake Neighborhood of York County gave them both a lifelong appreciation of the outdoors and the benefits of mosquito control!

While Jay spent much of his time captaining and working on commercial as well as recreational charter boats, Walt pursued landscape management and is the current owner of Stryker Landscape Inc. in Norfolk VA.  Jay holds a Bachelors Degree from Ole Miss and Walt has a Bachelors from Old Dominion.
Years of experience running a commercial landscape company has proven invaluable with regards to the proper and responsible use of pesticides and insecticides and has benefited TMC with State certified Classs A commercial applicators with over 20 years of experience applying and using pesticides safely and responsibly.

While their pursuits varied and families grew, they continued to share similar interests, hobbies and pursuits and decided the time was right to combine their different strengths and focus on a common interest of Mosquito eradication!

We are proud of our combined commitment to our local community and hope to continue to provide a valuable service for years to come.